5 Basic Roles of a Bookkeeper and How You Can Benefit From These

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Accounting will be an important part of your business no matter the size. What may change is how complex a system you need, how much time has to be invested, and how much expertise it [...]

5 Bookkeeping Mistakes Entrepreneurs Often Make

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Being your own boss has a number of perks, but it may also come with responsibilities that you dislike dealing with. If you are like a large number of entrepreneurs, then the task of keeping [...]

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Accounting Software/Packages

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It is good to have some form of accounting software even if you outsource to a bookkeeper. The reasons may vary from the power it gives you over you business’ finances, the possibility that you [...]

4 Reasons to Drop Your Current Bookkeeper

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad bookkeepers out there.  If your bookkeeper fits any of the following characteristics, it might be time to consider looking for a new one: Reason 1: Your bookkeeper does [...]

Leasing vs. Financing

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When a person is looking to obtain a new vehicle, they have the choice of purchasing it, usually via financing or to lease it for a certain term.  Businesses often weigh the options between financing [...]

4 Ways to Know You Need Budgeting Help

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Every business is required to spend money in order to make any, but this does not mean than you should be spending without a plan. Additionally, the best way to invest in a business is [...]