Understanding your finances puts you in control of your business.

Do you understand what the figures mean?

If your Bookkeeper or Accountant has never gone through the numbers with you, how do you know if your business is performing at its best? How can you improve on what you’ve already created?  At NOVA Bookkeeping, we take the time to go through your reports with you so you can tell if  your business is on the road to success.. and if it’s not, what you can change.

What are you planning for next year?

What things would you really like to achieve next year and the years after? If you don’t know how you’re performing right now, how can you plan for your future? At NOVA Bookkeeping, we know our job is not just about keeping your records straight. We meet with you face-to-face on a regular basis to get to know your business and your goals and help you move towards them more efficiently.

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Our job is to ask the questions.

We’re prepared to ask the hard questions so you can choose the next best step in managing your business. We offer personalised, local bookkeeping services designed to empower you to take charge of your future!

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How We Can Empower Your Business


Professional and strategic bookkeeping services by our Melbourne team designed to complement your business and bottom line.

Accounting Software

We specialise in providing the latest software suites & addons including popular cloud and offline business solutions.

BAS & GST Services

As your registered BAS agent, we cover all your BAS & GST requirements, keeping things simple throughout the entire process.

Payroll Services

We provide complete payroll solutions for all business types, ensuring your staff are paid on time and correctly.


Let us take control of all the tedious tasks that cloud your businesses day to day activities. Remove the interruptions today!

Debt Collection

Get paid today, we deal with on going debts and relieve cash flow issues due to non paying customers.

Enquire today see how we can create a tailored solution to solve many problems in your business.

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What do our clients think of Nova Bookkeeping?

Nova Bookkeeping has made running my business a breeze. Since I involved them, it has allowed me to run my business more efficiently and effectively. I have freed up a lot more time with my family as well. Thanks Nova for everything.
Luke Trewin, Modern Visual
I have had the pleasure of working with Nova Bookkeeping for 13 years. I can’t say enough about the excellent service Skate Victoria (non-for-profit association) has received with Nova Bookkeeping always going the extra mile to support us. Due to the invaluable advice of Dale and his team Skate Victoria is now recognised as the leading Rollersport organisation in Australia with over 4,000 members. We would urge businesses and especially non for profit associations to take advantage of the great services that this ethical business has to offer.
Gloria Hawken, Skate Victoria
Nova has helped my business by streamlining everything. Nova stands out to me because you can actually get a hold of someone and their there to help. When you come home from work that’s it, you don’t have to worry as much because Nova has taken care of it. Nova has been great!
Jeremy Smith – Westernport Bricklaying
Nova has helped me with bookkeeping and web design. I have worked with Nova for just over 6 years now. Nova has made my work life a lot easier. I like the fact that Nova are more than bookkeeping, it’s a one stop shop for everything. The main thing that stands out with Nova is their customer service which is second to none.
Beau Sharp, Sharps Concreting
Nova has helped us in a tremendous way, by bringing our account system up to the level we need. Nova has made our life a lot easier; there are a lot that stands out…. They are focused in your business and are there to help.
Riyaz - It – Mate Solutions
You have no idea how empowered I feel now using Quickbooks and with your help sorting it all out.

I have been trying to get this sorted with other accountants etc for about 6 years – not all their fault my resistance and not knowing how to do things played a big part.

However Quickbooks is so easy and with your help with the tricky things – even easier – thank you sooo much.

Linda McMahon, Essential System Solutions

So… Why Use Nova Bookkeeping?

Save Money

We help you understand the numbers, improve your cash-flow and save money in the long term.

Save Time

We take the tedious tasks off your To-Do list, so you have the figures on-hand when you need them.

Stress Less

You know where you stand financially and can make important decisions with confidence.

Innovative Thinking

We take the wider view and think outside the box to create effective strategies that work for you.

Work Smarter

Have your business performing at its best and take the hard work out of your finances.

Local & Personalised

We don’t believe in providing service long distance. We’re here to help your business grow.

Enquire today see how we can create a tailored solution to solve many problems in your business.

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Why would you go anywhere else in Melbourne?

Bookkeeping services for anyone, any business, any time. Choose Nova.