Growing Your Business with an Interactive Web Design

In today’s fast tech world, having a web site is paramount to the success of any business irrelevant of size.  Mobile technology makes accessing the internet easier than ever and social networking is becoming king of marketing.  An interactive web design will increase your business, keep you up to date and bring in more customers.

2014 marked the tipping point when mobile internet access exceeded that of desktop.    In Australia 77% of people won’t leave home without their phone and 58% use their mobile device for searching the internet.  An enormous 90% of mobile users look for local information and 86% of those take action based on what they found!  This means having your website designed to be mobile friendly is more important than ever.

Since so many are seeking information, search engine optimization is still a key word to know.  Now is the time to make sure you are found on the search engines.  Make sure your company or service remains listed on the main research engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and is properly categorized.  Creating mobile interactivity with search relevance is an ideal goal for web design in today’s market.

Interacting with social media monsters like Facebook and LinkedIn will increase your return on investment rapidly.   Your interactive web design should include links not only to Facebook and LinkedIn but all social media that your business participates in including blogs.  One study shows that 90% of mobile users visit social media sites.   Using this information to create a well-designed website will create a natural sales funnel, leading customers to your door.

Marketing dollars often feel like they are ill spent or trial and error money.  Having an interactive web-site allows for you to hook into the power of the web and track how effectively your money is being spent.   Facebook has been an industry leader in data mining, meaning they are able to track your usage, sites you visit and use that information for laser market targeting.   These tools and others now available help to create a dynamic interactive website that works for you, monitoring how your advertising dollars are working.  You are able to test trial markets, make quick adjustments and rapidly change information that is relevant now.

Other important factors to designing an interactive website to grow your business are by providing relevant content to engage the searchers, incorporate ways for customers to interact and voice their opinion such as surveys and comment sections and consistent up to date information and interaction.

The game today is mobile technology.  An interactive website design is the best use of your marketing dollar when it is built to seamlessly accommodate mobile users, connects to all of your social media, tracks users and their habits on your site, specifically around advertising and marketing and allows the customer a means of interacting with you.  Static websites are quickly going the way of the dinosaur as consumers buying habits are changing to be more dynamic and interactive.  Keeping up with the demand by designing an interactive website will keep you ahead of the game and keep customers rolling in.



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