5 Reasons to Outsource Your Company’s Bookkeeping

If you are questioning whether or not there are benefits to outsourcing to a bookkeeper, then congratulations for realizing the value of such a resource to your company. This is definitely a step in the right direction. The simple answer is: “Yes! There are a lot of benefits to outsourcing your bookkeeping.” Here are five:

You get to operate more efficiently: Bookkeeping tasks can take up a chunk of your time. This may be fine if you have the time to invest, but if your other areas of operation are demanding then this may not be the best way to spend the little time you do have. Giving this task to an expert means you get it done right without having to trouble yourself with it.

You save money: You would be surprised how many ways a bookkeeper can help you save money. In fact, between introducing you to proper accounting practices, showing you possible short falls and allowing you to invest more time into making a profit, outsourcing your bookkeeping task can end up saving you a lot each year. Other areas you can save on include technology since there is no need to buy software, provide computers, or pay for anything else that an independent bookkeeper already has to get the job done.

You get accounting benefits without the overhead cost: Accounting is a vital part of all businesses which is why most strive to have an accounting staff (no matter how small). Unfortunately, this might be costly when you consider salary, benefits and the extra taxes that often come with having a full-time staff. Using an independent contractor eliminates the expenses of a full-time accountant while providing you with the benefits.

You get flexibility and reduced downtime: Having a staff means making allowances for sick days and various types if vacation. This is not an issue when you outsource since you can contract a bookkeeper on a short term basis. Additionally, if you use a team it automatically means that there is someone to fill in if one person is out; you are therefore not affected by someone’s inability to work. After all, you still have a business to run no matter what the reason is for the absence.

You can improve your cash flow: It doesn’t matter how much profit you make if you are unable to meet your obligations. This is why you need enough of the money your company makes to be liquid i.e. you need a positive cash flow that is enough to cover the day-to-day operations. A good bookkeeper can help you delay expenditures for as long as possible (without missing deadlines or ruining your credibility) and will help to get those who owe you to pay up promptly. He or she can also show you techniques that can assist with ensuring that your cash flow improves and is maintained.

A bookkeeper does so much more than just sorting out your daily income and spending. In fact, a competent one can be the difference between running your business stress-free and operating under a significant amount of anxiety and loss. Do not wait until there is a problem, speak with us to see which of our services is right for you.


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