Finding the right accounting software can be difficult with all the choices out there. This is why Reckon (formerly known as QuickBooks) is such a sought after choice. Besides being a trusted name in the industry, it also has options that are tailored to different small business needs so you do not have to buy more than you require.

Why You Should Consider This Product

1) A computerized accounting system has many benefits: Computerized accounting packages carry many helpful features. These features make data entry faster and more accurate, they make generating reports faster, and they help simplify filing your taxes. They also help you spend less on accounts-related processes like audits.

2) It may make choosing easier: Reckon has four desktop programs to choose from, and each one is designed with a specific small business model in mind. The current options are categorized for sole-traders and micro-businesses, small businesses, small businesses that have employees, as well as home-operated businesses. The features are therefore tailored to suit the needs of each model and so are the prices.

3) It is a powerful yet affordable “off the shelf” accounting system: Reckon gives you full control of your accounting matters yet, it is rather inexpensive for a tool of its kind. In fact, compared to big businesses that have internal systems created, you are getting fast implementation and lower overhead costs. The money you save over time can also be considered as a part of the program’s affordability.

4) You are choosing a name with a track record you can trust: With so many options flooding the market, there is a certain peace of mind that comes with finding a name you know you can trust. While the name “Reckon” is still relatively new, the name “QuickBooks” is not. It is the same program so you get the same legacy.

5) You get a professional program without needing the technical “know how”: Reckon allows you to work like a pro without being one. Plus, you will learn a lot as you master the system. This should make it much easier to understand your financial reports and keep your finances organized even if you take time to adjust.

Best of all, Reckon has an online option that can be used alone or in combination with your desktop version. This product works with your PC, Mac, Ipad and Android devices which means you can update your information on the go instead of waiting to get back to the office. It also means constant access to your files; plus, multiple persons can gain access simultaneously.

Note however that using Reckon will not remove the need for further accounting processes. Instead, it acts as the core or first step since it involves organizing the data. You may still find it impossible to vigilantly watch your day-to-day finances because you have other things to worry about, so a bookkeeper is still good to have despite buying your software. A bookkeeper can also do everything you need done with the in-putted data so you only have to focus on making your entries, and even that part can be outsourced.