4 Reasons to Drop Your Current Bookkeeper

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad bookkeepers out there.  If your bookkeeper fits any of the following characteristics, it might be time to consider looking for a new one:

Reason 1: Your bookkeeper does not have time for you.

Nobody wants to work with a bookkeeper who is always behind on work. When you ask for information, you want to receive it as soon as possible. You need to work with a bookkeeper who is motivated, efficient and offers clear communication.

Reason 2: They never make suggestions.

It’s not enough to fill out forms and hand you reports when you ask for them. Your bookkeeper needs to be honest with you, telling you when there are problems and bring ideas to the table. You should feel trust with the person managing your finances.

Reason 3: They don’t appear to be doing anything at all.

If you can’t explain to somebody in one sentence what your bookkeeper has done for you, it might be time to start looking for a new one. Staying involved in the process also ensures that there is no theft going on.

Reason 4: They have poor communication skills.

Think about the way you respond to clients – do you leave them hanging? Once you express your need to have regular discussion regarding your finances, your bookkeeper should make an effort to call or email regularly to check in.


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