3 Reasons Your Bookkeeper Maybe Unable to Save You

Outsourcing to a competent bookkeeper is a good move; however, you could get in the way of the process with the things you do. This is why it is important to communicate well and openly with the professional you pick, so that you both have a thorough understanding of what is going on. Here are three simple ways that you could hurt your bookkeeper’s chances of helping you at all.

1) You are uncooperative

Not having a full understanding of what a bookkeeper does, especially with the changes to the traditional role, and not having a full understanding of tax matters can make sum request for financial information seem intrusive. The truth is, at the very least, a bookkeeper is there to help you track every dollar you spend daily so you must be prepared to disclose the relevant details. Being secretive or failing to supply everything will prevent your bookkeeper from effectively performing his or her duties.

2) You have no semblance of an accounting system

It is understandable if you are disorganized prior to getting a bookkeeper. In fact, many small business owners have such a difficult time keeping accounting matters and documents in order despite the importance of doing so. However, reverting to chaos after a bookkeeper comes in and straightens things out means he or she will either constantly have to reorganize your accounting operations, or fail at providing the services you require. You are therefore advised to maintain the organization your bookkeeper implements and stick to the process he or she devices for you to store, sort, or share financial information and documents.

3) Taking too long to respond

Some things are time sensitive which means you have to work with your bookkeeper to meet these deadlines. Failing to provide the necessary information or proof can delay things. Additionally, taking long to respond to queries, request for clarification, or comments from your bookkeeper can make working efficiently next to impossible. This is just one of the reasons open communication is vital to your working relationship with this professional.

Where it All Starts

Unfortunately, the problem starts for some people long before they even get to the first item on this list. For some, the bookkeeper they choose cannot save them because he or she simply is not suitable for the job. It could be a matter of experience and training on the one hand, but on the other hand it could just be a case of you choosing the wrong professional.

Therefore, look closely at your bookkeeping needs before you choose someone. Once you do, work with that person to create the best results.
This will keep you organized, compliant and stress-free so you can invest your time in other areas of your business.

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